“Monkey Business”

This weekend I went rock climbing at SkyZone. Sky Zone is an indoor trampoline and rock climbing park. There were 13 different walls I got to climb!

The first one was called Zig Zag, the name described the climb. There were deep holes along the edges of the wall, where I put my feet in, then when I got to a pair of diagonal parallel beams, I shuffled along to the next set of holes. It was really awesome because all your bodyparts have to coordinate, grabbing or hoisting your body higher. When I got to the top, I rang a big red button, let go of the wall, and floated gracefully to the ground! 😀 It felt like I was parachuting!


After that, I climbed one with only a line of vertical bars, and ridges in the walls to push my feet against. Surprisingly, I scaled this one the fastest. Using my arms, I pulled myself up higher, and higher. I pushed my feet against the ridges to propel myself upward! I felt like a monkey climbing a banana tree! 🐵 My fastest time on this one was 16 seconds. ⏲



Then I climbed one which I named Sproutless Bubbles. (Someday, BubblySprout will patent this name.) There were different sized bubbles sticking out of the walls for me to hang on to. Even though there were three sides, I found that the best way was to put my feet on the walls on either side of me, and slowly wedge myself to the top. I used my arms to balance. When I got to the top, sweat was dripping down my face. 😓


The next one was pretty extreme, it was a long pole with rungs, and at the top, there was a platform. In front of it, there was a hanging punch bag. When I got to the top and looked around me, the people beneath looked tiny! My heart pounded. Then, before I could lose my courage, I took a deep breath and leapt. For a moment, I soared through the air and saw my fingers extend to touch the punch bag. Then, I “plunged” to the ground. The cheers of the onlookers rang in my ears as I descended. When I looked up again, I was amazed that I had jumped from such a high place!


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