Chinese Acrobats

Acrobats on Bicycle

I went to the Lehman Center for a spellbinding Chinese Acrobat performance with my family. My favorite part was when an acrobat rode on a bicycle and another one jumped lively on to the bicycle too. More and more acrobats jumped on. In the end, there were 12 people in bright colors with radiant smiles on their faces as the bicycle went round and round the stage. They spread out their arms like a majestic swan extending its wings! It was utterly captivating, the crowd exploded into applause!

After that, smiling girls swept on to the stage with wheeled drums at their sides. We were persuaded into the present by a series of loud booms that came from the drums. It was tempting to jump up in my seat and start dancing to the beckoning beat. Then a man appeared on the stage. He lifted a chair on to a platform that had been set up before his arrival. Then he placed another chair at an angle on the first chair. Then the acrobat stepped on top of the chairs. Because the chairs were placed at an angle it seemed a lot more dangerous than just stacked chairs. He did an impressive handstand then a one hand handstand. His assistant came over and added chair after chair until a ceiling scraping tower gazed over our heads. At one point a safety cord dangled down from the ceiling warning us that this was risky business! Finally his assistant used a stick to give him a row of bricks on what looked like a fragment of a balance beam. He picked up the bricks and built two stacks the same height on top of the tower of chairs. He managed to make a handstand on the bricks. He purposely pushed one stack of bricks to the floor and did a one hand handstand on the other stack! I was sooooo afraid that he might fall! After the moment of tension, the astonishing acrobat placed his two feet on the top chair and bowed to cheers that almost raised the roof! Then the acrobat came down. I was totally stunned by that performance, that anyone would have that much guts to dangle from an heart attacking height! I was completely astounded by the incredible acrobats. I stood up to applaud all the acrobats that worked hard to make this performance possible!  That Chinese acrobatic performance is one that I will never ever forget!


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