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Sparkly Halloween Costumes!

We started making Halloween costumes that light up last year. I was Venus – the Roman goddess of beauty (Aphrodite in Greek). We used conductive thread and sewed LED lights on to my Halloween costume. The LEDs we used were through hole LEDs. The LEDs look like small mushrooms with two legs. One of the legs is positive, the other is negative. During my school’s halloween parade I was the only one with a light-up costume. It felt good to be a shining goddess.

This year we are doing it again. This time we are using Flora and NeoPixels instead of through hole LEDs. The Flora is an component that is like the brain. It tells the LED lights what to do based on a program. NeoPixels are a kind of LEDs. They are flat and have 4 pins. NeoPixels are easy to sew on costumes. They are much more bright and you can program them with Arduino. (Arduino is a programing language that is used to accomplish many different tasks.) Our program made the lights display different colors all at once and then the colors would fade to a different color. This year I am being a chinese girl. I am making the flowers on the shirt light up. The lights will glow vibrantly. I will SHINE during the parade (literally).


My Costume


The Circuit

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